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Radon and indoor air quality monitors for home

When you know what’s hiding in your air, small changes make a big difference.

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Click on the air quality icons to learn more about how they affect your indoor climate



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House Kit

Everything you need to get started measuring your indoors air quality.

HouseKit includes:

  1. Airthings Wave - Smart Radon sensor
  2. Airthings Wave mini - Indoor Airquality Sensor
  3. Airthings Hub - Connects to your smart home environment
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Airthings House Kit measures the air quality of your home and connects with your smart home devices via IFTTT.

See what's in the air you breathe


Airthings house

The total indoor air quality monitor with radon


Airthings house

The smartest radon detector


Airthings house

Our smallest indoor air quality monitor

Which monitor is right for you?

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Click on the air quality icons to learn more about how they affect your indoor climate

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What is radon?

An invisible radioactive gas that comes from the ground and builds up inside our homes. Long term monitoring is essential to keep your family safe from this deadly gas.

Radon level

Radon fluctuates greatly from day to day

Radon lung

Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers

Radon house

Radon kills more than house fires and carbon monoxide combined

Airthings works with

  • Digital display
  • Long-term radon measurement
  • Battery-operated

Easy to use radon detector with digital display.


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