PHN4-12 - Pentel PHN4-12 oil pastel Art Design
Tuotenumero: 2801799

Pentel PHN4-12 oil pastel Art Design

Oil Pastels Product description. If you’re a beginner, why not start with a smaller set and build your confidence? Or, if you’re a more experienced artist, then unleash your creativity and experiment with our full range of colours! Product features, Brilliant, fade-resistant colours. Creamy-softness, makes pastels easy to lay down and produce varying textures. Slow drying time means you can work on a piece for several weeks. Pastels apply smoothly and blend easily using cotton buds, fingers or tortillon for subtle shades, tints and colour mixtures. Ideal for most types of paper (including pastel, water colour,cartridge, craft etc.) as well as canvas, oil and acrylic boards. Great to use in conjunction with watercolours, oil paints and soft pastels.

11,74 €
9,47 € Ilman arvonlisäveroa
Varastossa - 2-5 arkipäivän toimitus
Edullisin toimitus (yksityisasiakkaat) 5,99 €
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Valmistaja: Pentel
Tuotenumero: 2801799
Malli: PHN4-12
Ean: 4711577003573

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