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SACKit Mene 250.

Go 250 - True wireless sound No wires - no hassle! 

Our popular Go Bluetooth speaker has been upgraded and can now be charged wirelessly - it doesn't get any easier! 

Go 250 is a small, easily portable wireless speaker that combines great Danish design, quality, good sound and the ultimate freedom, where you are free of wires for both charging and playback.

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Great sound 

You will not believe your own ears when you first hear Go 250 play! Who knew that such a small and compact speaker could play so loud and clear? Enjoy complete wireless sound anywhere with Go 250. Throw it in your bag and take it with you on the beach, at the festival or on holiday. It does not get easier! 


Go 250 has a built-in battery and can be charged wirelessly or via the included cable. When it, after 8 hours of playing time on a single charge, needs a puff of power, you simply place it on a wireless charger such as CHARGEit from SACKit, and then you are ready to continue playing in no time! 

Splash proof

Water spray from the pool, light summer rain and steam from your hot bath can just come in handy - Go 250 is IPX4 water-repellent and can withstand water spray from all directions. 

Stereo pair 

Create an even greater sound experience! You can easily connect two Go 250 speakers to a stereo pair for a wide and detailed sound image. You will definitely be amazed at how much greater sound you get with a Go 250 stereo pair. 

Hands-free telephony 

Pick up the phone and talk completely wirelessly with Go 250 while getting your cooking done or driving. Connect your phone via Bluetooth, and then the built-in microphone provides good sound for the phone call. 

Interchangeable front 

Your music, your look. The front of the Go 250 can be easily removed and replaced, so you can change the color of your speaker whenever you want. The front of the speaker is covered with Fiord fabric from Danish KVADRAT. The replaceable fronts can be purchased in all sorts of colors, so you can get your favorite color.

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