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Brit Care Dog Grain-free Adult Salmon 12 kg

Brit Care Dog Grain-free Adult with Salmon and Potato

Complete and balanced dog food for the adult dog. This premium dry food is tailored to the nutritional needs of small and medium-sized dogs (<25 kg), providing them with all the necessary nutrients for a healthy lifestyle.

The dog food is based on high-quality salmon, an excellent source of protein that supports the maintenance of strong and healthy muscles. The food includes potatoes and other easily digestible ingredients to ensure optimal digestibility.

A special feature of Brit Care Dog Grain-free Adult Salmon and Potato is the addition of salmon oil, a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, which can contribute to healthy skin and shiny fur. To support a healthy digestion and a strong immune system, our food also contains prebiotics and probiotics.

With herbs and fruit, the food comes completely without grain to meet the needs of dogs with sensitive stomachs. In addition, our food contains taurine, an important amino acid, as well as chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine.

Brit Care Dog Grain-free Adult Salmon and Potato is more than just dog food - it is a complete and balanced nutritional solution designed to keep your four-legged friend healthy and happy every day.

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Analytical constituents

Salmon (50%, dehydrated, hydrolyzed), potatoes (26%), dried apple pulp, chicken fat, salmon oil (3%), natural flavor, pea flour, glucosamine (260 mg/kg), fructo-oligosaccharides (200 mg/kg), chondroitin sulfate (200 mg/kg), mannan-oligosaccharides (150 mg/kg), mojave yucca (150 mg/kg), milk thistle seed (90 mg/kg), β-glucans (50 mg/kg), dried heartsease (50 mg/kg), dried sea buckthorn (50 mg/kg), probiotic Lactobacillus helveticus HA – 122 inactive (15x109 cells/kg).

Vitamin A (20,000 IU/kg), vitamin D3 (1,500 IU/kg), vitamin E (500 mg/kg), vitamin C (300 mg/kg), taurine (1,500 mg/kg), choline chloride (1,800 mg/kg), L-carnitine (250 mg/kg), vitamin B1 (2.5 mg/kg), vitamin B2 (9.6 mg/kg), biotin (3.5 mg/kg), folic acid (1.2 mg/kg), vitamin B6 (2.5 mg/kg), calcium-D-pantothenate (25 mg/kg), niacinamide (32.5 mg/kg), vitamin B12 (0.1 mg/kg), iodine (0.8 mg/kg), organic zinc (85 mg/kg), organic manganese (40 mg/kg), organic copper (18 mg/kg), organic iron (75 mg/kg), organic selenium (0.16 mg/kg).

Analytical constituents
Crude protein 26.0 % Crude fat 15.0 % Crude fiber 3.5 % Crude ash 6.2 % Calcium 1.1 % Phosphorus 0.8 % Moisture 10.0 % Sodium 0.4 % Omega-3 fatty acid 1.1 % Omega-6 fatty acid 1.8 % Eicosapentaenoic acid 0.12 % Docosahexaenoic acid 0.16 %

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