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DisplayPort over USB-C to 3x DisplayPort, Ulkoinen videoadapteri, USB Type-C, 3 x DisplayPort

Tuotenumero: 2611620
135,18 €
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Tuotenumero: 2611620
Malli: MSTCDP123DP
Ean: 0065030864503

Valmistajan kotisivuille 3 Port Multi Monitor Adapter USB-C to 3x DisplayPort 1.2 Video Splitter USB Type-C to DP MST Hub, Dual 4K 30Hz or Triple 1080p, Compatible with Thunderbolt 3, Windows Only - Multi Stream Transport (MSTCDP123DP) - ulkoinen videoadapteri
Laitteen tyyppiUlkoinen videoadapteri
Enimmäistarkkuus3840 x 2160
Liitännät3 x DisplayPort (naarasliitin)


Laitteen tyyppi Ulkoinen videoadapteri
Väylätyyppi USB-C
Enimmäistarkkuus 3840 x 2160
Liitännät 3 x DisplayPort (naarasliitin)
Ominaisuudet USB virroitettu, HD/4k Ready


Vaadittu käyttöjärjestelmä Microsoft Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
Use this adapter to connect three independent displays to a single USB Type-C port. This MST hub lets you connect three DisplayPort monitors to your USB-C computer. MST ensures hassle-free setup by natively working on any Windows device that supports DP alt mode over USB Type-C, such as models of Dell Precision, Dell XPS laptops and ASUS ROG GL752.
The MST hub also works with Thunderbolt 3 ports to provide Thunderbolt 3 to triple DisplayPort conversion. Plus with a lower price point than docks, MST offers a multi-monitor solution that's more cost-effective than a traditional laptop docking station.
The newest generations of laptops are more portable than ever. Unfortunately, this means you're left with fewer video outputs and a small integrated screen. This MST hub solves these problems by letting you connect three displays to a single USB-C port on your computer, which makes multitasking much easier.
Using the MST hub, you can extend your desktop onto additional monitors and stream independent content to each display. This makes it easier to multitask and increase your productivity, which is perfect for creating an easy-to-dock hot-desk solution with a wireless keyboard and mouse peripheral set.
You can also mirror the same image onto multiple displays for remote viewing applications such as digital signage.
MST technology uses your existing video card to minimize the use of system resources while delivering Ultra HD 4K resolutions. 4K is supported by the latest A/V devices and delivers four times the resolution of 1080p.
Plus, because the MST hub can output high-definition 1080p, the MST hub is perfect for all high-resolution applications such as graphic design and medical imaging.
With this MST hub, you can use separate DP video adapters to connect HDMI, VGA or DVI displays, for compatibility with all of your existing monitors.

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