NBL-RL-BLA-001 - noblechairs EPIC Real Leather - Black Gamer Tuoli - Musta - Nahka - Jopa 120 kg

noblechairs EPIC Real Leather - Black Gamer Tuoli - Musta - Nahka - Jopa 120 kg

Ylellisyys executive / gamer tuoli aitoa nahkaa, kanssa irrotettava tyyny että selkä ja pää. max paino 120 kg. Selkänojan koko 870mm (korkeus) x 545mm (leveys), istuimen koko 565mm x 560mm (syvyys x leveys). Väri: musta

Tuotenumero: 2590511
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Valmistaja: noblechairs
Tuotenumero: 2590511
Malli: NBL-RL-BLA-001
Ean: 4250144800219

Valmistajan kotisivuille

TuotekuvausNoblechairs EPIC - tuoli - nailon, polyuretaani, vaahto - musta
TuotetyyppiTuoli - ergonominen - käsinojat - pyörivä
Istuimen korkeus49.5 cm - 59.5 cm
Istuimen syvyys56.5 cm
MateriaaliNailon, polyuretaani, vaahto
Korkeus131 cm - 141 cm
Paino27 kg


Tuotetyyppi Tuoli - ergonominen - käsinojat - pyörivä
Pakkauksen sisältö Niskatukityyny, lumbar pillow
Suunniteltu: Gaming
Päänoja Kyllä
Käsitukien määrä 2
Pyörät Kyllä
Pyörityskulma 360
Kallistuslukko Kyllä
Kallistusjännitteen säätö Yes
Enimmäiskuorman paino 120 kg
Materiaali Nailon, polyuretaani, vaahto
Väri Musta
Ominaisuudet UV-kestävä, kosteudenkestävä


Leveys 56 cm
Säädeltävä korkeus Kyllä: 10 cm
Korkeus 49.5 cm - 59.5 cm
Syvyys 56.5 cm
Materiaali Nahka


Kulman säätö Kyllä
Materiaali Nahka, polyuretaaninahka
Ominaisuudet Diamond tufted


Muotoilu 5-sakarainen tähti
Pyörät 5 x 6 cm
Pyörätyyppi Monipintainen
Materiaali Alumiini, solid steel


Säädeltävät käsinojat Korkeus, leveys, kääntöalusta
Korkeus 28.5 cm - 37 cm
Korkeuden säätöväli 8.5 cm


Materiaali Nahka

Incredible Design 

noblechairs creates premium products. We spare no expense in ensuring that our products are the very best in the business, merging impeccable design with the very best materials and unfaltering workmanship. Our goal is to provide a chair that is an experience, a lifestyle choice.


A subtly debossed logo of the timeless noblechairs crown adorns the headrest, closely accompanied by an aluminum emblem which shines brilliantly on the backrest. Every seat is finished with gorgeous diamond pattern stitching to further heighten the sense of exclusivity.

World Class Ergonomics

Poorly built chairs can cause long term damage to the back, eventually resulting in lifelong medical issues. Thanks to design decisions we’ve made, all noblechairs will provide incredible ergonomic support. The backrest conforms to the shape of the back in a way that naturally improves posture, while the freely included head and lumbar pillows provide additional support keep you comfortable through sessions of any length. Our chairs possess the widely recognised DIN EN 1335 certification, UK Fire Safety Regulations (BS 5852) certification and BIFMA accreditation for office chairs.


We take our suspension very seriously, handling it with same importance afforded to the underside of a supercar. Thanks to our advanced tilt system the recline and height are both completely customizable.


A locking mechanism is in place to enable sublime comfort in whichever position takes your fancy at the time. This means that, should you wish to, you are able to tilt the chair and lock it in place, allowing you to relax without fearing a loss of balance.

Available in Real and PU Leather

We created the world’s first real leather gaming chair. Despite this, noblechairs also produces faux leather variants of its models with covers made from high-class polyurethane. Our hand-picked PU is durable, comfortable, easy to clean and waterproof, which when combined with a cold cure foam core provides incredible comfort and ease of use.


Not only the height of luxury, our real leather seating lines are incredibly resistant to damage and moisture, simple to clean, and breathable to maintain a comfortable temperature in any weather.

Four Directional Armrests

Our 4D armrests are endlessly customisable. With numerous options for height, depth, width and angle there is sure to be a configuration for every user.


Soft to the touch and a comfortable place to rest the arms; these polyurethane armrests are firm and well-textured enough to maintain grip effectively.

Five Star Base

Every slice of perfection needs a strong foundation. We utilize incredibly tough, light aluminum to create a stable platform for noblechairs to rest on. Our bases are incredibly resistant to corrosion and rust of any sort, and thanks to the design choices we’ve made they have the capability to support body weights of up to 120kg with ease, even while reclining backwards.  


Class 4 hydraulic pistons are the highest rated in their class in terms of safety and efficiency in use. With 99.9% consistency and amazing reviews, they will serve you well for years to come. Each of our chairs sits atop 5 60mm nylon casters, which are then coated in Polyurethane in order to allow them to glide on all types of surfaces.


  • DFloormat-120-hex-pyro - DUTZO Pyro Gaming Floor mat - Musta / Oranssi -
    DUTZO Pyro Gaming Floor mat - Musta / Oranssi -
    Kahdeksankulmainen oranssi matto pelituolille. Maton koko on 120 x 120 x 0,4 cm. Matto on valmistettu kulutusta kestävästä materiaalista. Kuvana lohikäärme.

    - Suojaa lattiaa naarmuilta ja kulumiselta
    - Tarjoaa lisämukavuutta jaloille
    - Lisävastus, jotta pito ei katoa
    - Pestävä 30 asteessa
  • DFloormat-120-hex-fushi - DUTZO Fushi Gaming Floor mat - Musta / Ruskea -
    DUTZO Fushi Gaming Floor mat - Musta / Ruskea -
    Gaming floor mat, 120 x 120 x 0,4 cm, octagonal shape, extremely duarable material, black with faded dragon
    • Avoid scratches and wear on the floor
    • Provides additional comfort for your feet
    • Additional resistance to avoid losing grip
    • Washable at 30 degree
  • DFloormat-120-hex-black - DUTZO Onyx Gaming Floor mat - Musta -
    DUTZO Onyx Gaming Floor mat - Musta -
    Pelilattiamatto, 120 x 120 x 0,4 cm, kahdeksankulmainen, erittäin kulutuskestävä materiaali, musta.

    Maton avulla vältetään naarmuja ja lattian kulumista
    Tarjoaa lisämukavuutta jaloille
    Lisävastus, joka estää otteen menettämisen
    Pesu 30 asteessa

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