2.645-228.0 - Kärcher Soaker Hose - 25 M

Kärcher Soaker Hose - 25 M

Kostutusletku, 25 m

Tuotenumero: 2571410
48,80 €
39,36 € Ilman arvonlisäveroa
Tilaustuote, 7-10 arkipäivää toimitukseen
Edullisin toimitus (yksityisasiakkaat) 5,00 €


Valmistaja: Kärcher
Tuotenumero: 2571410
Malli: 2.645-228.0
Ean: 4039784919730

Valmistajan kotisivuille

TuotekuvausKärcher - kostutusletku - 25 m
Pituus25 m


Tuotetyyppi Kostutusletku
Ominaisuudet Cadmium-free, lead-free, barium-free


Käyttöpaine 4 bar max
The 25 m long soaker hose is part of the Kärcher Rain System. The water drips from the hose evenly over the entire length and lands precisely where it is needed. This ensures extremely efficient watering of hedges and bushes. The hose can be shortened to suit requirements and extended with the aid of I-pieces or branched with T-pieces (max. hose length: 50 m). A T-piece is especially recommended for connection to the Kärcher Rain System. Thanks to the laterally adjustable tee, the required water quantity for the soaker hose can be optimally adjusted. The two-ply hose is free of phthalates, cadmium, barium and lead and is thus harmless to health. Ideally, the hose is operated with up to 2 bar. Installing the hose is very easy and does not require the use of tools. The Kärcher Rain System combines the advantages of micro-dripping and conventional watering, works with up to 4 bar pressure and can be individually adapted to almost any type of garden.

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