i715040 - iRobot Robotti-imurit Roomba i7150

iRobot Robotti-imurit Roomba i7150

Testwinner 2021 Vacuum Cleaner, robotic, bagless, WiFI, iAdapt 3.0 Navigation, Learns, Maps, and Adapts to your Home, Clean or Schedule by Room, Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes, High Active Filter captures 99% of allergens, Power-Lifting Suction, iRobot home app, Alexa or Google Home compatible, gray < br>Cleaner floors. Every day. All at the push of a button.The Roomba® robot vacuum focuses on keeping your floors clean every day, so you can focus on everything else life throws your way. Daily dust and dirt can make keeping up with cleaning your home feel like a never ending task. Meet the iRobot® Roomba® i7150 Robot Vacuum, your partner for a cleaner home. The Roomba® i7150 robot vacuum uses a premium 3-Stage Cleaning System with Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes and 10X suction* to clean different floor surfaces throughout your home. Roomba® i7150 learns, maps and adapts to each room, using Imprint™ Smart Mapping technology, letting you control which rooms are cleaned and when. Add the Clean Base™ Automatic Dirt Disposal and the robot automatically empties into a disposable bag, so you don’t have to think about vacuuming for weeks at a time. Cleaning power is always at your fingertips with the iRobot HOME App - you can control when, where, and how your robot cleans all from your smart phone. *Compared to Roomba® 600 Series AeroVac™ System Our technology isn’t just about robots. It’s about you – and finding better ways to help you get more done. For more than 25 years, iRobot® has been a global pioneer in the robotics and consumer products industries. Our Roomba® robot vacuums are designed using innovative technology and robotics expertise to bring you products that have been optimized to help thoroughly clean your floors.

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Valmistajan kotisivuille

TuotekuvausiRobot Roomba i7 - pölynimuri - johdoton - robotti
TuotetyyppiPölynimuri - johdoton
Pölyn keräysPussiton
Omatoiminen operointi75 min
Ulkomitat (PxSxK)41 cm x 51 cm x 12.9 cm
Paino5.2 kg


Tuotetyyppi Pölynimuri
Puhdistustyyppi Robotti
Puhdistustapa Kuiva
Johdoton Kyllä
Pölyn keräys Pussiton
Pölypussin tilavuus 0.4 litra
Huonenavigointi Kyllä


Sisältyvät välineet Sivuharja (2 kpl), dual rotating brush bars
Sisältyvät lisävarusteet Itselatautuva alusta
Virtuaalinen seinä
2 x AA battery


Virtatyyppi Uudelleenladattavat akut
Omatoiminen operointi 75 min
Akku Litiumioni
Latauksen kokonaisaika 90 min
What's in the box:
1 Roomba® i7150
1 Home Base® Charging Station
1 Line Cord
1 Dual Mode Virtual Wall® Barrier (2 AA Batteries included)
1 Extra Filter
1 Extra Side Brush

An early pioneer in robotics, iRobot was founded in 1990 with the vision of making practical robots a reality. Today, we have sold over 20 million home robots worldwide, including the Roomba robot vacuum and the Braava family of mopping robots. But our technology isn’t just about robots. It’s about you – and finding better ways to help you get more done.

• Ideal for animal hair - effectively absorbs animal hair from your floors, using unique multi floor brushes and 5X more suction power**, **Compared to Roomba® 600 Series AeroVac™ System
• Learns, maps, and adapts to your home -Using advanced vSLAM® navigation technology, the robot gathers over 230,400 data points each second that the 1.3 GHz quad-core processor uses to create an accurate map of your home.
• Dirt Detect™ sensors find the dirtiest areas of your home and alert the robot to clean those spots more thoroughly; Auto Adjust Cleaning Head automatically adapts its height to effectively clean carpets and hard floors
• A premium 3-Stage Cleaning System powered by an advanced vacuum motor that spins at 10,000 RPMs to deliver 5X the suction* for strong pick-up performance across carpets and hard floors.*Compared to Roomba® 600 Series AeroVac™ System
• Keeps getting smarter: Every new robot vacuum comes equipped with advanced hardware capable of providing the intelligent features you love today, and access to our latest advancements in the future through software updates designed to improve functionalityover time.


  • 48371615 - iRobot Robotti-imurit T-Roomba Clean Base incl. container
    iRobot Robotti-imurit T-Roomba Clean Base incl. container
    With the Clean base your i3 og i7 robot automatically empties dirt and dust into an AllergenLock™ bag so you don’t have to think about vacuuming for up to two months.
    The Clean Base® Automatic Dirt Disposal station uses special AllergenLock™ Bags that capture and trap 99% of pollen and mold.

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