SwitchBot-S1 - SwitchBot Bot White

SwitchBot Bot White

Automate old devices with the SwitchBot Bot White. This device turns your lamp on and off, or ensures that your coffee is ready in the morning. For example, the Bot presses the switch of your lamp, computer or coffee maker. Let the Bot make coffee for you every morning because you set a routine via the app. The Bot works with Google Home, Siri and SmartThings, but you still need a SwitchBot Hub for this. The SwitchBot Bot works with dual switches, thanks to the included add-on. This also pulls your switch back up. You also set how long the Bot keeps the button pressed, which is useful, for example, to increase the volume on your radio 3 notches.

Tuotenumero: 3092469
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Valmistaja: SwitchBot
Tuotenumero: 3092469
Malli: SwitchBot-S1
Ean: 0860038001703

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