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Solamagic AIR+ 2000 BTC HP ZeroGlare Anthracite

AIR+ 2000 BTC is the heat lamp completely without reddish residual light - less than 1 LUX/KW. The BTC model gives you the freedom to regulate the heat directly from your smartphone via the X-heatlinks® app.

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  • Power: 2000 watts, adjustable from 700 watts
  • Capacity: Up to 18 m2
  • Technology: Solamagic's breakthrough WAVE technology®
  • Heater: Solamagic HP ZeroGlare®
  • Reflector: Solamagic HP silver plated asymmetrical reflector
  • Residual light: <1 lux/kW/m2
  • Connection: 230 v/50 Hz
  • Connection cable: 1800 mm with ground plug (Schuko plug).
  • Security Class: SK I
  • Tightness class: IP X5/X6
  • Material: Weatherproof aluminum and stainless steel
  • Surface treatment: Powder coated with anti-corrosion primer / Norm: EN-ISO 6270-0
  • Approvals: Quality controlled/approved by TÜV
  • Weight: 4.97 kg
  • Installation: Recommended for wall mounting
  • Amp consumption: 8.7 amp v/230v Min. fuse 13 amp, preferably 16 amp.
  • Dimensions shown without brackets: (LxWxH) 866mm x 200mm x 92mm

More about AIR+ 2000 BTC
Do you want a heat lamp that is easy to regulate from an app and gives you coziness and pleasant warmth? And should it be in your orangery, conservatory or covered, wind-resistant terrace, the AIR+ 2000 BTC is the right choice. You get Solamagic's unique and patented High Performance ZeroGlare® technology, which reproduces the heat 1:1 of supplied energy. This means that the energy and current supplied to the heat lamp comes directly back out as heat – no waste and more heat for you. The ZeroGlare® technology ensures that no reddish residual light comes from the heat lamp.

AIR+ 2000 BTC heats up to 18 m2 and has an integrated double soft start system, which ensures an extra long life of the heater.

The AIR+ series is also available with heat regulation via remote control.

AIR+ 2000 BTC heats up to 18 m2 and has an integrated double soft start system, which ensures an extra long life of the heater.

Why should you choose AIR+ 2000 BTC?
The unique thing about the AIR+ 2000 BTC is that it is the only heat lamp on the market that gives you a high heating effect without the reddish residual light, and which can also be heat regulated via the X-heatlinks® app.

It can be incredibly annoying to sit bathed in red light when dinner is served. The light colors your food, wine and surroundings gray and dull. With AIR+ 2000 ARC, you can set the mood yourself with candles and other things - and you still get the pleasant warmth.

AIR+ 2000 BTC is best in windless areas, e.g. in the orangery, the conservatory, the covered terrace or similar, because it is a little more sensitive to wind than Solamagic's other models.

You get the freedom and flexibility with the BTC model, where you can quickly and easily regulate the heat via the X-heatlinks® app.

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