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Tuotenumero: 3105737

Insta360 X3

Action Camera, 360°, 72Mpixel Photo, [email protected] Video, Run Time: 81 minutes (Tested in lab environment under [email protected] mode), 1800mAh Battery, 180 gram

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Valmistaja: Insta360
Tuotenumero: 3105737
Ean: 6970357853922

Valmistajan kotisivuille

TuotekuvausInsta360 X3 - toimintakamera
Tuotteen tyyppiToimintakamera - 5.7K
Synkronoitu kameralaitteistoSpherical panorama
Muistikortin paikkamicroSD card
Langaton liitäntäWi-Fi, Bluetooth
Anturin resoluutio2 x 72 MP
Korkein videoresoluutio3840 x 1920
Linssijärjestelmä2 x laajakulmalinssi f/1.9
Polttovälin korjaaminenEi tarkennusta
KuvanvakainElektroninen FlowState (6 akselin gyroskooppinen vakautus)
NäyttöLCD-näyttö - 2.29"
Tuettu akku/paristo1800 mAh (sisältyy)
Ulkomitat (PxSxK)4.6 cm x 3.31 cm x 11.4 cm
Paino180 g


Tuotteen tyyppi Toimintakamera - 5.7K
Kotelon väri Musta
Anturin resoluutio 2 x
Videokameran anturin resoluutio 72 MP
Anturin määrä 1 CMOS
360° kamera Kyllä
Optisen anturin koko 1/2"
Kuvasuhde (enimmäistarkkuus) 30 fps
ISO (Max) 3200
Kuvanvakain Elektroninen FlowState (6 akselin gyroskooppinen vakautus)
HDR-tila Aktiivinen HDR
Digital Video -tallennusmuoto INSV, MP4
Kuvan tallennusformaatti DNG (RAW), INSP
Korkein videoresoluutio 3840 x 1920
Liitäntä USB-C, IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 5.0
Liitettävyysominaisuudet Kauko-ohjaus kannettavien laitteiden kautta, suora näkymä etäisesti, Live streaming

Valotus & Valkotasapaino

Valoherkkyys ISO 100-3200, ISO auto (100-3200)
Valotustoiminnot Automaattinen, manuaalinen, suljinprioriteetti, ISO-prioriteetti
Kuvausmuodot Starlapse mode, burst mode, 4K single-lens mode
Valkotasapaino Automaattinen, esiasetukset
Valkotasapainon esiasetukset 2000K - 10000K
Enimmäisvalotusaika 1/8000 s
Vähimmäissuljinaika 120 s
Valotuksen korjaaminen ±4 EV:n alue


Tyyppi 2 x laajakulmalinssi f/1.9
Polttovälin pituus vastaa 35 m 6.7mm
Polttovälin korjaaminen Ei tarkennusta


Lisäominaisuudet Pre-Rec -toiminto, Time-Lapse -tallennus, äänenhallinta, automaattinen kehystys, verkkokameratoiminto, Deep Track 2.0

Toimintakameran ominaisuudet

Kameratyyppi Kiinnitettävä
Ominaisuudet Time-Lapse-tallennus, kuvanottotila aikaväleittäin, Silmukkaäänitys, Bullet Time recording, aikasiirtonauhoitus, Me mode

360° kamera

Panoraamatyyppi Spherical
Optisten antureiden määrä 2


Tyyppi 2.29" LCD-näyttö
Näytön koko ja muoto Sisäänrakennettu
Kosketusnäyttö Kyllä
Näytön ominaisuudet Tempered glass


Liitintyyppi USB (24-nastainen USB-C)


Sisältyvät lisävarusteet Puhdistusliina, lisäakku, latauskaapeli, suojapussi
Suojaus Vedenkestävä, IPX8
Vedenalainen syvyys Enint. 10 m

Akku / paristo

Akkutyyppi Valmistajakohtainen
Akun kesto (jopa) 81 min
Tiedot 1800 mAh (sisältyy)

Muisti / Tallennuslaitteet

Muistikortin paikka microSD card
Tuetut muistikortit microSD -kortti, microSDHC -kortti, microSDXC Card, microSDHC UHS-I Memory Card, microSDXC UHS-I -kortti
Muistikortti sisältyy Ei
Muistikortin tuettu enimmäiskoko 1 Tt
Kuvatallennus 11968 x 5984
5952 x 2976
Videon sieppaus 5760 x 2880 - 24 - 30 fps
3840 x 1920 - 24 - 60 fps
3008 x 1504 - 100 fps
3840 x 2160 - 24 - 30 fps
3584 x 2016 - 24 - 60 fps
2720 x 1530 - 24 - 60 fps
1920 x 1080 - 24 - 60 fps
4K - 120 kuvaa/sek - ajan hidastustila (bullet time)
Impossible shooting.

X3 transforms the way creators approach the creative process. By shooting first in 360 degrees and then reframing later, one video can be edited in endless different ways. You’ll always be able to capture your best moments, whether that’s catching a big wave or landing a tough trick. Simply mount up, hit record and frame later in the Insta360 app—thanks to 360 capture, a 4:5 Instagram post can be turned into a 9:16 TikTok video in a tap without losing any quality.

X3’s 360 video quality has also gotten a boost with the new Active HDR mode, powered by the camera’s new 1/2" 48MP sensors. Active HDR uses an innovative algorithm to stabilize action footage, minimizing ghosting and revealing details that other action cams miss in over and underexposed areas.

X3’s dual lens design also enables effects like the Invisible Selfie Stick, where the stick is automatically stitched out of the footage, creating impossible third-person views. With the new Me Mode, you can now shoot epic invisible selfie shots at 60fps without reframing. This mode frames the footage to focus on you, while keeping the selfie stick invisible. Never before have invisible selfie stick shots been possible without recording in 360 first and reframing later.

Boosted image quality.

Insta360 X3’s new 1/2" 48MP sensors deliver big resolution and image quality improvements compared to its predecessor.

When you’ve got a clear vision for your content that only requires one point of view, Single-Lens Mode can’t be beat. Now upgraded to 4K resolution, this mode is perfect for immersive first-person views of the action, especially chest-mounted shots. A new extremely wide 170° MaxView is also available at 2.7K for even more immersive POVs.

X3 delivers the most megapixels ever in a 360 action cam with 72MP photos for ultra-detailed stills. It also captures 8K 360 timelapses, perfect for cityscapes and landscapes alike.

Bullet Time, the Matrix-like slow motion effect made possible by swinging the camera over your head in a circle, has also got a boost in resolution and frame rates to 4K 120fps and 3K 180fps.

Action ready.

Throughout all the action, X3’s six-axis gyroscope and FlowState stabilization keeps your video ultra-stable. Where other action cams tap out at 45°, 360° Horizon Lock keeps the horizon level even when you completely rotate the camera.

Insta360 X3 is rugged and waterproof to 33ft (10m) out of the box. Lens guards are also available for action sports creators who want increased protection.

Even when you don’t know when the action will happen, X3 will catch it. The new Loop Recording mode transforms X3 into a dashcam, continuously recording video but only saving the final minutes according to your set interval, saving precious space on your memory card.

Easy operation.

Insta360 X3 maintains the same candybar shape as its predecessors while adding key upgrades to make it easier to operate, especially during the action:

●A 2.29” tempered glass touchscreen for intuitive settings adjustments and previews.
●Four buttons make it easy to control your shot even when gloved up.
●Direction Focus audio ensures the audio follows the action, even when you reframe.
●A mighty new 1800mAh battery keeps the camera powered through the action.

AI-powered editing.

The Insta360 mobile app uses AI technology to democratize content creation, putting tools and effects at creators’ fingertips that might otherwise take years of experience to master. In Shot Lab, creators can find 30+ viral-worthy effects that can be edited in just a few taps—from the goofy Nose Mode to the new cinematic Street Lapse to the just plain cool Sky Swap.

How you choose to reframe your video is up to you, whether it’s by physically moving your phone in the direction you want to point with Snap Wizard, selecting a target to track with Deep Track 2.0 or letting the AI pick out the highlights for you with Auto Frame. Photos can get the magic treatment too with the new Photo Animator, which animates a static photo for you.

For creators who prefer a desktop workflow, Insta360 Studio is also available for precise controls and maximized resolution.

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