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Melitta EPOS Black/Chrome

With the invention of the coffee filter, Melitta Bentz revolutionized coffee performance in 1908. The journey of hand filtration has continued ever since. Baristas all over the world have rediscovered the Pour Over trend and enjoy the soothing preparation in a hectic everyday life. The deliberate brewing of coffee and the ritualized process ensure that you can slow down. With this special preparation method, blooming is the most important thing: the coffee is first moistened only lightly with water, left to soak for half a minute, before more water is poured on. Thus the coffee extraction is improved and the flavors can unfold completely. The result is a perfect coffee taste. As the first electric Pour Over system with an integrated grinder, our Melitta® EPOS® combines hand brewing with innovative technology and modern design. Freshly brewed Pour Over coffee - handmade with a simple push of a button.

• 360° ROTATING OUTLET PIPE - The water outlet, which rotates 360° with changing direction of rotation, ensures a precise and uniform distribution of the hot water. This way, the coffee is moistened in an optimal and unique way – inspired by the gently circulating movements when preparing filter coffee by hand.
• GRINDER - The perfect Pour Over coffee begins with freshly ground coffee beans. Thanks to the adjustable setting of the degree of grinding on the integrated conical grinder on the Melitta® EPOS®, you can decide for yourself how coarse or fine you want to grind the coffee into the filter.
• SENSOR CONTROL - Because in addition to quality it also depends on quantity, Melitta® epour® automatically switches between four different brewing profiles, in order to extract the coffee optimally according to the amount of preparation. Thus, you always enjoy the intensive taste of filter coffee, regardless of whether you only brew a little for yourself or several cups for you and your loved ones.
• REMOVABLE WATER TANK - For maximum comfort, the transparent water tank can be removed and filled directly under the tap. The cup markings on both sides make it easier to dose the required amount of water – ideal for both right- and left-handed people.
• MODERN TOUCH PANEL - Via the modern touch panel, Melitta® epour® can be operated comfortably. With the PRE-BREW button, the pre-brewing function can be activated or deactivated. In addition, you can use the CONTROL button to control the direction of rotation of the water outlet manually, or program an individual brewing profile in the so-called "Barista Mode".
• WARM KEEPING - Freshly brewed filter coffee tastes best. If for some reason you can't enjoy your coffee straight away, the integrated heating plate keeps your coffee nice and warm for up to 40 minutes. Melitta® epour® is then switched off automatically. ECBC APPROVED - ECBC certification for the highest European quality standard of coffee brewing
• SPACE-SAVING DESIGN - The perfect combination of function and design. Only 17 cm in width – we don't need more for the excellent Melitta® technology. And with its open, beautified design, Melitta® epour® makes the preparation of coffee an experience for all the senses.
• EASY CLEANING - The removable filter holder in the size 1x4® and the glass jug in high-quality borosilicate glass can be cleaned in the dishwasher after use.
• PRACTICAL LED CALCIUM INDICATOR - For flawless functionality, the best coffee taste and a long service life, regular descaling is important. The practical LED scale indicator on the Melitta® epour® sounds when it is time to descale the coffee machine.

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