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Classified: France '44 - Sony PlayStation 5 - 01 - Strategia


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Classified: France '44 is a new turn-based strategy game set during World War II in the desperate months leading up to the Allied landings in France in June 1944.

Lead a special force of Allied commandos and French resistance fighters. Recruit elite agents to your team, then embark on a campaign of sabotage and destruction. Work with competing factions to build the resistance network and strike against German targets deep in occupied territory. But remember: The more chaos you create, the more you attract the attention of the merciless Gestapo.

Through exciting missions inspired by the real-life exploits of the Allies and the French, the game evolves according to a turn-based tactical concept that authentically brings the battlefield of World War II to life. The campaign can be replayed many times, and each time is different. For those of you who really want to test your skills, our comprehensive Mission Creator tool allows you to create, share and download user-created missions.
Every shot counts.
In Classified: France '44's unique morale system, every shot fired affects you or your enemies. Dominate the enemy and briefly open up an opportunity to attack hidden targets from the flank and eliminate them.

Shape the course of the battle.
Sneak around to eliminate key targets and start the battle on your own terms. But remember: the more kills you make, the more the enemy will suspect something is wrong, so be ready to unleash your ambush before the enemy reveals you!

Build your team.
You can choose from a variety of authentic and characterful heroes, all of whom have a story to tell. Train, customize and equip them with your growing arsenal of skills and weapons. Boost your team's morale by spending time around the campfire and hearing about their lives as they fight their way across the war-torn fields of occupied France.

Experience the story.
Complete challenging tasks in over 45 missions given to your team by the French forces. Choose which missions fit your strategy so that the Resistance can grow in size and support your goals. Lead your team by sending them on strategic missions.

Made to be used.
Updates and expansions will continuously make Classified: France '44's world bigger and add new and exciting elements to your fight for freedom. The ability to create and use user-created missions as well as our modding tools ensures that there will always be new player-created content to explore.

Victory awaits.
Classified: France '44 is full of challenges. Devise the optimal overall strategy while playing your best tactical game and discover the game's many endings. What should your D-day look like?

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This game may contain content that is not suitable for all ages or is inappropriate for viewing in workplaces: General Adult Content

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