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Light Solutions Govee - Remote Wall Mount

Optimize your Govee remote control with our 3D printed Govee Remote Holder. This smart accessory allows you to store your remote control in a practical way so that it is always close at hand when you need it.Carefully manufactured through 3D printing, our Govee Remote Holder is designed to keep your remote safe and secure. This holder is ideal for preventing your remote control from being lost or damaged, and it also allows you to organize your space and keep it tidy.It is important to note that screws are not included with this product, so make sure you have the necessary tools for assembly. The included sticker makes it easy to attach the remote to the wall, but this method can tie the LED strip to the wall, limiting your flexibility. With our holder, you can easily remove the remote control from the wall if you need to move the piece of furniture to which the LED strip is attached.Make your Govee remote control even more practical and functional with our 3D printed Govee Remote Holder. Organize your space, avoid losing your remote, and get the convenience you deserve.

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Revolutionize your home with smart storage Flexible and stylish remote control holder Make everyday life easier with 3D printed innovation Effortless Organization Discover the convenience of always having your Govee remote control within reach with our innovative 3D printed Govee Remote Holder. This accessory is not just a holder: it is a revolution in organizing your gadgets. It ensures that your remote control is never lost or exposed to unnecessary wear and tear. Our holder is designed to fit perfectly into any modern home with its stylish and minimalist design, making it an essential addition to your decor. Flexible Installation Forget about permanent solutions that leave marks on your walls. With our 3D printed Govee Remote Holder you get ultimate flexibility. The included 3M tape ensures easy and secure mounting on any surface, while the option of screw mounting (screws not included) offers a more permanent solution if desired. Our intelligent design gives you the freedom to place your remote exactly where you need it most, without worrying about damaging your walls. Durable and Smart Design Our holder is created through careful 3D printing techniques to ensure maximum durability and a perfect fit for your Govee remote control. The robust material protects against shock and damage, which extends the life of your remote control. The smart design complements any room and ensures that your remote control is always within reach when you need it, without compromising the aesthetics of your home.

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