LEGO® Star Wars™

May the Force be with you

In a galaxy far far away...

Join the adventures to the exciting LEGO® Star Wars™ galaxy with all its planets. Recreate your favorite scenes from the Star Wars movies, meet your Star Wars heroes and build it all from scratch with the LEGO® bricks.

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The Star Wars universe is known and loved by fans of all ages. The ongoing intergalactic war between good and evil is universal and has become an iconic fan favorite. EVERYONE knows Star Wars, the title soundtrack, the iconic spaceships – and of course, Star Wars characters like Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Yoda and Chewbacca

Join the intergalactic LEGO® adventure

LEGO® Star Wars™ is the continuation of the intergalactic story of the battle between good and evil. Travel through the LEGO® Star Wars™ galaxy and build one of the many LEGO® theme sets with the authentic Star Wars characters and battles.

Let the young Star Wars fans immerse themselves in the LEGO® Star Wars™ universe, while recreating the unforgettable sequences from the Star Wars movie saga. Play out the intense battles between the Jedis with the light of the Force and the Siths on the dark side.

LEGO® Star Wars™ for LEGO® collectors and enthusiasts

LEGO® Star Wars™ is for everyone – both young LEGO® fans and hardcore collectors. Build all the LEGO® Star Wars™ sets from the iconic Millennium Falcon to the new and impressive LEGO® Imperial Star Destroyer.

The LEGO® Star Wars™ universe is constantly expanding with new building sets and LEGO® Star Wars™ minifigures. It does not matter whether you are a super fan and hardcore LEGO® collector or a passionate LEGO® builder – you find all the LEGO® Star Wars™ sets with your favorite spaceship or Star Wars character right here at Proshop.

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