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Lenovo Smart Home.

Gain full control of your home with Google Assistant

With Lenovo's range of Smart Home products, there are a wealth of options for designing your own systems to control everything from your TV and music to security and lighting. With a smart home, you can turn off the lights at certain times, turn on the heating automatically and have your coffee machine brewing at 07:00 every single morning. Find the Smart product that suits you.

With the Lenovo Smart Clock 2, Smart Clock Essential and Smart Tab Series, your everyday life only gets easier.

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smart ClOCK 2
Whit the Google Assistant

The best bedroom
smart clock just got even better.

  1. Enjoy your “favorite” music and entertainment
  2. Get quick respons
  3. Stay connected
  4. Control your Smart Home

Designed to be the bedroom's most intelligent gadget, Lenovo Smart Clock 2 is equipped with Google Assistant helps you wake up the right way to feel refreshed and energised. The vibrant 4” touch screen provides a great visual experience. The soft touch fabric exterior enables the compact Lenovo Smart Clock 2 to blend perfectly into any room.

Start your day better and keep on top of your daily tasks & schedule. Ask Google to play music, check your next meeting time and more with simple voice commands. Just say ‘Hey Google’ to get started. Smart Clock 2 is also available without the charger.

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smart TAB M8
Whit the Google Assistant

2-i-1 tablet +
Smart charging station

  1. Elegant and refined design
  2. Captive sound
  3. Fast and powerful
  4. Family friendly

With Google Assistant Ambient Mode, the Lenovo Smart Tab M8 is designed to make your everyday life easier.

The Tab M8 is much more than ”just” a great tablet for entertainment. Whenever the tablet is not in use, you can plug it in our Smart Charging Station and turn it into a Smart Home Hub.

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smart TAB M10
Whit the Google Assistant

  1. 10,3” FHD Screen
  2. Face recognition
  3. Stay connected
  4. Charging station

Do you think all tablets are the same? You better think again. Not every tablet can entertain the whole family. And not many tablets have parental control and integrated technology to protect their eyes. And very few tablets come with a charging station plus Google Assistants Ambient Mode, which makes it easy to control the home completely without the use of your hands.

Lenovo Smart Tab M10 FHD Plus (2nd Gen) with Google Assistant does it all. And even more.

women useing product

Whit the Google Assistant

Kick-start your morning
and calm down in the evening

  1. Kick-start your day
  2. Relax in the evening
  3. Gain control of your Smart Home

The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential is the ultimate smart clock for any room. With a big & bold display you can check out the time from across the room, whether it’s in the bedroom, kitchen, or on a shelf. With built-in Google Assistant you can also just ask for a helping hand. From checking the time & weather, adding items to your shopping list or making hands-free calls, the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential is here to help you be more productive and take back time.

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