Expand the options on your desktop computer

When you build a desktop computer, one of the most important parts is the motherboard. The motherboard gets the different parts to "communicate" using the various ports on the card. If you get new needs or you need a special port, you do not have to go out and invest in a brand new motherboard. With an I/O controller, you can add new ports to your PC so that you can use a new hard drive standard or new USB interfaces.

We have I/O controllers for PCI, PCIe (PCI Express), miniPCIe, PCI-X, Expresscard and much more. An I/O port expands your computer with, for example, USB, Firewire, SATA and SAS.

If you are in doubt about which controller you need, or which controller fits your system, feel free to contact us for advice and guidance. Our support is available on both email/chat and phone.

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