The marvelous world of Peppa Pig – the children’s favorite

Most children know and love the little pink Peppa Pig from the famous Astley Baker tv show. In no time, the happy, little mischief Peppa Pig has won the hearts of children all over the world. In the world of Peppa Pig, every day is filled with fun, play and friendships, as Peppa Pig and her friends explore the many task and experiences of everyday life – from taking the bus, learning how to swim to playing hide and seek.

Everyday adventures with Peppa Pig and friends

Peppa is a smiling, energetic – and cheeky – little pig, who lives with Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig and her younger brother, George. Peppa Pig and her friends love to play, laugh, go on adventures and of course jumping up and down in muddy puddles! When they are all together, dull and dreary everyday tasks and experiences are transformed into exiting adventures as they go swimming, ride their bikes, teach each other how to whistle or go for a ride on the bus.

All of this, most children can easily relate to as they too enjoy to explore nature, ride their bikes, dress up and play doctor’s office - this is what makes the tales of Peppa Pig such a huge success among the children.

Peppa Pig toys, figurines and much more

At Proshop, we have a large selection of Peppa Pig toys, teddy bears and playsets from the popular children’s show. Choose between Peppa Pig teddy bears in different sizes and with different clothing, for the children to dress up as they like in different costumes or in her distinctive red dress.

You might also find inspiration in our selection of Peppa Pig toys, including for instance the Peppa Pig train and airplane for exploring and adventures, the Peppa Pig creative drawing board, or the Peppa Pig doktor’s set. Just like you have the opportunity to make dinnertime more fun with a Peppa Pig plate, cup, dinner set or lunchbox.

So scroll through our Peppa Pig selection and find the perfect Peppa Pig toy for your child.

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